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    Welcome to MaxG MotorSports. Thank you for taking the time to look at us.

    Before I talk about myself and why Corky and I started MaxG, I would like to explain the relationship with MaxG and Bell Engineering Group, Inc. (BEGi). There isn’t one. 

    MaxG acquired the Bell Engineering products that fit into our business plan as well as the website URL. Although Bell Engineering has had many successes, we have chosen to leave the Bell Engineering name its associated legacy behind; Bell Engineering is no longer an active business. 

    MaxG’s business practices and methods are focused on providing quality products, delivered on time, and providing value to our customers. Easy to say and hard to do, but all of us at MaxG are committed to these principles. 

    Our first product offerings focus on two markets: First, improving the performance of the Mazda Miata of all generations. Second, is offering components to improve the performance and reliability of forced induction systems. These offerings are the result of forming a partnership with Corky Bell. MaxG has cut Corky loose to develop some new and innovative products as well as make some incremental improvements to his already successful Variable Rate of Gain (also called an FMU or Rising Rate) fuel regulator. We will provide support for existing Bell Engineering regulator customers.  

    A little about me: I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree and a car nut by choice. I have been on the dark side of management for many years, so getting back to nuts and bolts and hands-on design work is refreshing.   

    In terms of racing experience, I have raced slot cars, RC cars, motorcycles (motocross and cross country), go karts, and SCCA Sport Renault (now Spec Racer). After kids came along I quit driving and wrenched for my son in go karts, culminating in competing in SKUSA Shifter Kart Racing Series (He is much faster than Dad ever was. The shifters are scary fast).  

    Among several neat cars I have owned, one was a 1982 Mazda RX7. It was not fast enough for me, so I convinced Corky to install a turbo on it. Since he did not have an RX7 kit, my car became the prototype for his RX7 kits. I was a happy customer, so our relationship continued 

    A few years ago, Corky hooked me on Miatas and I now own two of them. My 2004 MSM has a collection of his parts. I also have a naturally aspirated 2000. We use both of these NBs as well as Corky’s NA and ND cars to test MaxG’s Miata related products (for the record we also have access to an NC). 

    About a year ago, Corky and I decided retirement was not that interesting to us (if you have not already guessed Corky and I are very old young guys). We both had ideas for products we felt had merit, so we started MaxG MotorSports. It has been a very busy year designing, building, testing, refining, and creating inventory. Add to that, getting a website going has been interesting and an education.  

    We are just getting started and developing fun parts is our passion, so please, if you do not see what you want or have an idea, please feel free to share it with us.  

    We hope you find our products useful and will give us the opportunity to be of service.  

    Thanks again for your time.  

    Jim Story



    Fellow car guys,

    Since Jim Story and I are both considered senior citizens with much time in grade, it is fair to ask:

    What did MaxG MotorSports evolve from?

    How did we get here from there? What were we doing before MaxG?

    And, what prompted us to make such changes?

    I was not happy with business when the opportunity came along to sell Bell Engineering (BEGi). Freedom to design new stuff, was a thorn in the side. With Bell Intercoolers already sold, I let BEGi go as well.

    MaxG traces back to Cartech, started in the early `70's. A catering to aircraft parts brought about the change to Bell Engineering Group around `93, along with a move to the treasured Texas hill country.

    Reasons were many, not just the difficulty of creating new stuff, but a change in fundamental procedures was necessary. Hence, a new start up.

    A clean sheet. A savvy business partner and boss. And a huge dose of new found enthusiasm.

    That is the where, how and why of MaxG MotorSports.    


    Corky Bell