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    Who are we?

    Fellow Car Guys

    Fellow Car Guys

    Since I am considered a senior citizen with much time in grade, it is fair to ask:

    What did MaxG MotorSports evolve from?

    How did we get here from there? What were we doing before MaxG?

    And, what prompted us to make such changes?

    I was not happy with business when the opportunity came along to sell Bell Engineering (BEGi). Freedom to design new stuff, was a thorn in the side. With Bell Intercoolers already sold, I let BEGi go as well.

    MaxG traces back to Cartech, started in the early `70's. A catering to aircraft parts brought about the change to Bell Engineering Group around `93, along with a move to the treasured Texas hill country.

    Reasons were many, not just the difficulty of creating new stuff, but a change in fundamental procedures was necessary. Hence, a new start up.

    A clean sheet and a huge dose of new found enthusiasm.

    That is the where, how and why of MaxG MotorSports.    


    Corky Bell